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Services Overview

Are Your Getting the Most Out of Your 401k or IRA account? Want to Optimize Social Security?

When approaching retirement, Retirees face 3 major issues:

  1. How do we maximize Social Security Retirement Income?
  2. Are my 401k & IRA accounts properly diversified?
  3. How should I position these accounts for the most effective income drawdown?

We help our clients by providing specific solutions for each of these issues:

  • Social Security Timing Software to evaluate the income electiondecision
  • Morningstar Principia to determine 401k IRA diversification
  • Sunguard Financial Planning Suite to stage retirement plan distributions

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We provide "Solutions for your financial story", leaving no stone unturned, period.

In this turbulent market, you deserve consulting expertise, dedication, honesty, and confidentiality.

Our practice specialties include:


Portfolio STRESStesting & Diversification
401k evaluations. Retirement Plan Rollovers. IRA. Roth IRA
Social Security. Retirement Plan Distributions
Life Insurance & Annuity Review


How to fund Their Nursing Care; How to Fund Yours?
Trust Account Investment Management
Medicare Coverage/Optimization